Let Black Lives Matter be a learning lesson. Think before you support.

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Recently, the beautiful Candace Owens took it upon herself to investigate where the donations of the Black Lives Matter organization went. After months of research, she finally uncovered the truth. Many hurt young people had their emotions riled up by an organization that capitalized on the already hateful and segregationist world we live in. Pent up anger was brought to the surface, and a scapegoat was picked, white people.

It is a fact that anybody can harbor feelings of prejudice and racism. However, for the BLM foundation, the scapegoat is white people. This is not right. Because it led up to unnecessary hatred and projection onto people who did not do anything to anyone. In real time, the world watched the so called “oppressed” become the “oppressors” as they spread hate, anger and projected all sorts of untrue accusations onto a whole group of people.

In a bid to be on the “right side of history”, celebrities such as Billie Eilish took to their stories on Instagram to “advocate” for a man they barely knew (r.i.p).

People defended him with all their hearts without even knowing the full story to anything. Later, when the full story came out, it was revealed that no one involved in that situation was a saint. The news about where all the money went was also a shocker. Celebrities like BTS donated because they stand against oppression of any kind, and they have an END Violence campaign with the UN. However, it is sad that all these donations did not go into building any communities according to the accounts that were found by Candace’s investigation.

More than 90 million dollars was raised. More than 60million dollars was spent on luxury homes and custom ranches, all of this at the expense of the mental health of Generation Z, the safety of people’s property and further increasing the hatred and rage that Candace Owens asked. “What was this money used for?” Well, it shows enough. Be careful before defending criminals. The government knows why some people are highly monitored, policed, and profiled as compared to others.

My question is, why it is only a certain “category of black people” that the world is willing to support? Whenever Candace Owens speaks on these things, she is attacked. People only listen to rappers or athletes like Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Lebron James, and try to keep others silent at al costs. There is an unwritten rule that only a “certain type of black person” is allowed to speak, and others should be compressed into a corner.

Well, that must end, because everyone has the right to be a human being and live a full life. People have no right to silence one group and dictate that only one group is allowed to speak.

For the advancement of mankind, discourse must be accepted. And most of all, the world needs to stop attacking the most educated citizens and defending those who have contributed nothing to the world’s advancement. Let Black Lives Matter be a learning lesson. Think before you support. And make sure you support the right type of black person. Because you never know, you might be defending criminals and thugs while oppressing educated people that should be given a listening ear.



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Keren Obara

Keren Obara

Keren Obara is a Marketing graduate, currently pursuing a postgraduate in MSc Management while undergoing Business Development Training at FRIENDS Consult Ltd